Reasons Why Gas Cylinders Explode When Using Them To Cook

Of recent in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, a lot of people have deviated from using stove cookers, charcoal and firewoods, from cooking their meals and this is because, they discovered that using gas cooker to cook whatever thing they want to cook is more economical, safer and faster than the rest.

Due to the efficiency of the usage of gas cookers, the demand for the product has increased, but just like it has several advantages, using gas to cook also has its own disadvantages.

Over the years, a lot of people have died in gas explosions that happened in their houses or around them, and also, some have been badly injured to the extent that they can’t recover from the injury they sustained from the usage of gas.

However, gas suddenly exploding while being used, is not something that do naturally occur, as there are some things that are responsible for that, which we will be listing below.

  1. Improper usage of gas furnace sometimes do make their cylinders explode and cause havoc, as this include not fixing the gas burner tightly or managing already spoilt burner.

  2. Using old and rusty gas cylinders or containers is dangerous, as gas might start leaking from the rusty part overtime.

  3. Turning on the regulator over a long period of time without lighting it up with matches or lighter immediately, might cause gas explosion. It is advisable that we should always light our gas immediately we turn on the regulator, so that it won’t explode.

  4. Buying cheap or fake gas tanks or cylinders is not advisable, as the cheap gas tank been purchased might not be manufactured according to the standards guiding it manufacturing and due to that, they explode and cause damages overtime.

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