Regina Daniels Has Acquired Another Brand New Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels has acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth millions of naira. The trending actress posted the news on her official Instagram page. Regina Daniels has earlier been reported to be married to Nigerian billionaire and Senator based in UK named Ned Nwoko as his fourth wife. The teenage actress is seen flaunting her wedding ring in almost all her recent photos on Instagram.

In just four months, Regina Daniels has acquired four different brand new cars. In December 2018, she bought a black Lexus jeep for her mum. In earlier this year, she bought a brand new house for her mother and a Rolex watch for herself worth millions of naira.

It is believed that Regina Daniels is angry because of the negative comments she is receiving on her Instagram page from her fans, especially those who are suspecting her sudden wealth and Gucci lifestyle. The teenage actress in retaliation decided to frustrate her negative fans with more Gucci’s as she added another brand new Mercedes Benz G Wagon to her fleets of cars.

However, many celebrities, especially Nollywood celebrities are all surprise due to the way she buys expensive cars as if she is now a brand ambassador of Mercedes Benz. However, they couldn’t say much but to congratulate her for her success.

Regina Daniels was unable to reply Somadina Adinma comment on her Instagram page, when he congratulated her for her brand new car. Due to this fact, some of her fans are optimistic to know if she has finally ended up her relationship with the cute actor. Regina Daniels has become the latest Gucci lady in Nollywood. In her caption on Instagram, she wrote;

“My new baby just arrived”

It is safe to call Regina Daniels the back to back queen of the luxury lifestyle or rather queen of Gucci, from acquiring four brand new cars in the space of few months, to buying her mum a brand new house and most recently gifting herself a wristwatch worth N3.3 million, honestly the lady is here to slay.

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