Regina Daniels Sent A Romantic Message To Her Ex-BoyFriend Somadina Adinma As Birthday Gift

Nollywood teenage actress, Regina Daniels took to social media to pen down a lovely message to her ex-boyfriend and actor, Somadina Adinma who turned 20 years old on his birthday. The Nollywood cute actor was in a romantic relationship with Regina Daniels before the teen actress got married to her older hubby, Ned Nwoko.

In her special birthday message to Somadina Adinma, the actress wrote;

“There is no other male friend that can take your part in my life. This is true because you have been the best of them since this day. Happy birthday baby”.

However, Nigerians have reacted after Regina Daniels sent a birthday message to Somadina Adinma who was earlier reported to be her ex-boyfriend, after she dumped him for the billionaire Ned Nwoko. Somadina Adinma and the Nollywood teen actress had been an item as they were spotted together on numerous occasions before rumours of her alleged marriage to the billionaire Ned Nwoko skyrocket the internet.

In her birthday message to Somadina Adinma, Regina Daniels had to call him a male friend and mentioned that she has no friend that can take his part in her life. She however went further to call him baby. While Somadina Adinma in response to the message romantically called Regina Daniels my love. This however, shows that the two love-birds still have feelings for each other despite the fact that Regina Daniels is already married to the billionaire, she still have love feelings for her ex-boyfriend Somadina Adinma.

However, in their reactions to the birthday message, some of her followers on social media seemed to be confused about the status of their relationship as some alleged that the former love-birds are still friends and could still be close to each other. And also not to forget of a certain theory that is being spread across social media on the relationship between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko.

However, an account on Instagram which bears @officialnednwoko has accused Regina Daniels of cheating on him by sending such a heartwarming and romantic birthday message to his ex-boyfriend Somadina Adinma. However, we haven’t verified if that account belongs to the real Ned Nwoko or another impostor trying to gain public recognition.

However, it was alleged on some platforms that Ned Nwoko is the real father to the teen actress and there is nothing like a lover’s relationship between the duos. However, the claims have not been verified to know whether if it is true or just a pit of lie.

Below are some reactions to the birthday message on Instagram;

cynth_luv: Chai she still loves him but what can she do kwanu. Love sweet but money is sweeter. Happy birthday

2kay: Everywhere burst. Social media will always assume things and conclude immediately. Ah girl live ur life

eazylife_family: Leave that ancestor and marry this guy, biko

buchianoo: Gina don cause problem for Instagram today

However, Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels has earlier reacted after her immediate elder brother was accused of assaulting a police officer in Asaba, Delta State. However, Nollywood teen actress, Regina Daniels has warned Nigerians not to make her angry as she issued an outburst on social media.

Report surfaced yesterday that her elder brother Lawrence Daniels assaults a police officer in Asaba, Delta State. A video later surfaced which showed the brother in a struggle with other police officers who were drafted to quell the situation.

The video which was shared on social media saw many Nigerians making comments which didn’t sit well with Regina Daniels.

Reacting to their comments, Regina Daniels wrote;

“U people shouldn’t make me angry. Can’t u see they were d ones assaulting him? Or are you blind?? And yet some people are here saying trash!!!

However, Etinosa has earlier revealed that Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels is pregnant. Etinosa confirms that actress Regina Daniels is pregnant for her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko. Etinosa took to her Instagram account to reveal the big news, saying she won her mother in the bet.

According to Etinosa words on Instagram;

“Regina Daniels is pregnant thank you Jesus. I have won the bet I made with my mother.”

Regina Daniels, who is currently 18 years old has been in the news for a while now, following the news of her marriage to Ned Nwoko, a 59 years old billionaire as his 6th wife was confirmed and they started making public appearances.

However, it has already been rumored few days ago that Regina Daniels is pregnant, were it was said that she is 4 months pregnant already. It is also said that she is also currently regarded as the favorite wife of the Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

According to reports from our reliable source;

“Not only is she pregnant, but for now, Regina Daniels remains Ned Nwoko’s most favorite wife, with unlimited access to his most expensive cars, houses, as well as his private jet which she brandishes all about.

“None of Ned’s wives nor concubines are said to have access to his Rolls Royce (valued at over N100 million), his expensive Ferrari, his private jet as well as his latest delivery; a Mercedes Brabus with an Abuja number plate, YAB-486 BH except Regina” our reliable source allegedly revealed. However, the news of Regina Daniels pregnancy is yet to be confirmed or verified by the actress or her alleged billionaire husband.

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