Regina Daniels Steps Out In Public Together With Her Billionaire Husband Ned Nwoko

18 years old Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels has just step out in public for the first time with her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko who is currently 59 years old. The beautiful actress was spotted with the billionaire in an award ceremony in Warri, Delta State in the south southern part of Nigeria, where Ned Nwoko was receiving his doctorate degree (PhD). It is been rumored that the billionaire politician married Regina as his 6th wife but Regina Daniels denies the claim and termed it rumours by haters who wants her downfall.

But it was all confirmed yesterday that Regina Daniels is really married to the billionaire, after she was spotted with him in an event in Warri, Delta State for the first time. She was also seen flaunting her wedding ring which appears to be a gold ring. Regina Daniels however, posted the photos of her outing on her official Instagram page and cut out the photos of Ned Nwoko. Due to this action, she has received so many brutalized comments from her fans who where begging her to be proud of her husband and stop hiding him from public view. Many comments were of the opinion that since she is flaunting his cars, ring, house and expenses on the social media, she should also flaunt the man on the social media too and stop being ashamed of him.

This is the first time Regina Daniels and her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko are seen together in public since the news of their marriage began to circulate all over the surface of the internet. The event also had other top politicians in attendance. However, they have been a woman named Mrs. Ned Nwoko on Instagram who has been begging Regina Daniels to go back to school to complete her education and leave her husband alone for her.

Many reports claimed that the woman is the 4th wife of the Nigeria billionaire Ned Nwoko. However, it hasn’t been verified if that is her real Instagram account or just an imposter. Also, they have been a lot of posts from an account on Instagram which claimed to be @officialnednwoko and @princenednwoko claiming that Regina Daniels is the love her his life and also his beautiful wife. However, it hasn’t been verified if that is the real Instagram account of Regina Daniels billionaire husband Ned Nwoko or another imposter trying to gain recognition.

Regina Daniels has been the most trending and talked about celebrity of the year since the news of her wedding to the billionaire surface the internet. Comments on her official Instagram account are filled with negative and brutalized comments as people blame her for marrying a man old enough to be her grandfather and dumping her handsome boyfriend Somadina Adinma just for the greed of money.

Some comments accused her mother and blamed her for forcefully or vehemently sending her daughter for marriage into the hands of a man old enough to be her grandfather. The beautiful actress has started losing fans over these ridiculous predicaments and hasn’t done anything to protect her dignity and her image. Regina Daniels has remained dormant and unable to speak up on this pressing matter.

She currently lives an I don’t care lifestyle while her image and self worth is trampled upon. Regina Daniels has not granted any press interview or briefing since this drama started, at list to clear her fans and exonerate herself. It is however believed with uncountable number of evidence that Regina Daniels is honestly married to the Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko.

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