Regina Daniels Surprise Her Ex- Somadina Adinma On His Wedding

Nollywood teen actress Regina Daniels surprises her ex- boyfriend Somadina Adinma on his wedding day. The beautiful Nollywood actress who just welcomed a new born baby with her hubby Ned Nwoko could not resist the temptation of visiting her ex-lover Somadina Adinma as he tie the knot with his heart throb.

Regina Daniels and Somadina Adinma joined the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood as child actors. Their love chemistry started showing when they grew up into teenagers. Regina Daniels when she as just 16 years old and Somadina Adinma 18 years old were seen floating together on social media and red carpet events, that is when fans discovered that the two teen actor are romantically in love with each other.

Unfortunately, Regina Daniels dumbs her ex-boyfriend Somadina Adinma and married Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko who is 40 years older than her. During their wedding Regina Daniels was 19 years while Ned Nwoko was 59 years old. They created a lot of controversy in Nigeria because of the huge age differences between the two couples.

Even though they are apart, Regina Daniels still throw so much affection on her ex Somadina Adinma most especially during his birthday. During Somadina Adinma 22nd birthday Regina Daniels took to her social media handle to celebrate her ex-boyfriend Somadina Adinma on his birthday with lovely words of affection. Regina Daniels also shared a photo of the actor and accompanied it with a birthday message.

On the birthday message she wrote;

“Happy birthday to you soma….. you know I wish you the best in life…. keep soaring High”

The two reportedly dated a while ago, before her marriage to Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko. This comes as no surprise as the two have managed to maintain a friendship despite Regina Daniels’ marital status. Somadina Adinma new bride is from Ivory Coast and she is an international model.


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