Sad Truth Why Olu Jacobs Stopped Acting

Nollywood legendary actor Oludotun Baiyewu Jacobs popularly known as Olu Jacobs is an internationally acclaimed Nigerian film actor and film executive. Olu Jacobs is widely known and respected as one of the greatest and most widely respected Nigerian actors of his generation. Together with Pete Edochie, Justus Esiri, Enebeli Elebuwa and Sam Loco Efe, he is considered by several media, film commentators, critics, and other actors to be one of the most influential African actors of all time, and is widely regarded as a cultural icon.

Throughout his extensive career, Olu Jacobs has starred in over 350 Nigerian movies including Eye of The Gods, Lonely Heart, and Eagle’s Bride. For some time now, the highly beloved actor has been missing on screen and many have been wondering what is actually going on with the legendary actor.

Well, in case you’re wondering where Olu Jacobs is now and why he has taken a step back from appearing in many movies as he normally used to, then sit back and relax cuz I will be feeding you with all the gist.

Fondly called Uncle Olu by his colleagues and teeming admirers, Olu Jacobs has undoubtedly made his mark in the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood. In fact, at the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, Olu Jacobs was awarded the Industry Merit Award for Outstanding Achievements in Acting, and in 2016, the Africa Movie Academy Awards bestowed him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. During his 2013 AMVCA award, he gave a very powerful speech about trials, how to overcome them, and wise words to the younger generation.

Following this speech and his subsequent recognition in 2016, Olu Jacobs very quietly began exiting the Nollywood sphere. He went from doing multiple movies a year to only one movie in a year. In 2017, he starred in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “The Royal Hibiscus Hotel” and this happens to be the last movie Olu Jacobs has been in over the last 3 years.

And so the question has been what happened to him?

Well, the sad truth is that what happened to Olu Jacobs is what happens to every single person that is privileged enough to live until the age Olu Jacobs has lived. Olu Jacobs is currently 77 years old. He is not physically energetic as he used to be and he can no longer cope with the stress and strain that comes with the movie industry the way he was back in the day.

Acting is a very strenuous process that takes long hours and a lot of shooting, retakes, standing, moving, and many more.

In a January 2020 interview with TVC network, his lovely wife of 30 years Joke Silva, disclosed that before, Olu Jacobs was very energetic and would always go and bring her coffee every morning to help with her low blood pressure as prescribed by the doctor, but now he can no longer do that because of his age and so the maid is the person who now brings her coffee. She also admitted that Olu Jacobs isn’t too old to have a good time in the bedroom. When one of the hosts asked Joke Silva if she and Olu Jacobs still “do the do” Joke Silva responded:

“We do the do in a way that is appropriate for our age.”

This interview and the information provided is the most recent information we have heard about Olu Jacobs and how he is faring these days. From the sounds of it, the actor is having to surrender to nature and age and as a result, has had to take it easy with acting and too much strenuous activity. We are happy to hear that he’s still doing well though as Joke Silva stated during an interview.


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