Shuavy: The Making of Musical Stars from Nigeria to London

While it has been shown time and again that talent alone can often get one very far, Shuavy, Nigeria’s ridiculously gifted duo brothers have left nothing to chance in their pursuit of excellence in the music industry. Not willing to bank on their creative brilliance alone, the singers and songwriters have worked hard to increase their chances of success in the music industry.

Hard work combined with their talent and dedication to the game, they believed will enable them to cut through the white noise in music today. And as they had hoped, their commitment has helped them to transcend beyond anonymity in an industry filled with a constant barrage of new music daily.

Thanks to their commitment to excellence, Shuavy is pushing the boundaries and creating new songs that resonate with the mass public. For Zeegi and Meegi, the determination isn’t just about getting the best out of themselves. Instead, it is also about stretching themselves by taking the fans to musical realms not yet discovered, but that they certainly dream of.

In line with this lofty ambition, the musical siblings combine their talent with bustling energy to deliver inspiring, original, free-wheeling, and moving performances whenever they set on stage. Their early exposure to the music industry – their mother used to sing in Church while their father was a Church organist – also meant that they took their craft seriously. While their peers were playing around, Shuavy’s natural talent for music and cadence was being honed by long hours in the studio.

Those gifts, coupled with their ability to write, modesty, perseverance, and the patience to know that success takes time, sets them apart from a swarm of young singers who find it challenging to transform passion into a career. Not to mention their confidence.

Another thing Zeegi and Meegi have going for them is that they’re well too aware that nobody became a great musician by just showing up and relying on luck. So hard work comes naturally for the siblings. They are continually pushing each other – playing with rhythm, pitching instruments up and down, adding layer effects, as well as combining genres and sounds to create something new.

What’s more, Shuavy is quite adventurous. They’re always willing to step outside of the box that outlines their comfort zone into a new world of creative sound design to expand their creativity.

It’s safe to say that Zeegi and Meegi haven’t put a foot wrong ever since they stepped into the music scene. They are authentically themselves, create compelling music, have an incredible ability to connect with their audience, are inviting and welcoming, humble, and unique. When you consider that they also have the conviction and dedication to go the distance, you would agree that they have everything they need to deliver for years to come.

The sibling musicians intend to return home to Nigeria from the UK, from where they plan to continue to take the world of music in a different direction. Regardless of where they end up, however, we’re excited to hear what’s next for the talented duo.

You can follow them on Instagram using the hashtag @meegishuavy @zeegishuavy

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