So Sad!!! Nollywood Actress Yvonne Jegede Split From Her Husband Abounce

So Sad as Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede split from her husband Kunle Fawole popularly known as Abounce. The cause of the split is due to the paternity of their baby. According Instagramers, they are saying that Actor Nino is the true father of the Baby. However, Actor Nino has not come out in public to claim the paternity of the baby.

The 2-year-old marriage between actress Yvonne Jegede and actor Kunle Fawole popularly known as Abounce is currently experiencing turbulence according to multiple sources.

The actress first gave a hint, late last year, via a post on her Instagram page and sources stated that she has now packed out of the house she once shared with the husband Abounce. Both of them have also yanked off their wedding rings. According to a source, the issue stems from the paternity of their child who was welcomed towards the end of 2018. Abounce is said to be doubtful of the paternity, hence his refusal to openly acknowledge the baby till now.

Another report says actress Bimbo Akintola may somehow be linked to the crisis, although the exact role she played is not known. However, a comment she made some weeks ago and liked by Abounce, shows her calling him her property.

The source also revealed that the couples have yanked off their wedding rings as well. Still on the issue of their marriage, the unidentified source also disclosed that there are possibilities that the baby boy the actress gave birth to in 2018 might not be Abounce’s biological child.

This was said because the Nollywood actor is yet to acknowledge the paternity of the baby as he is yet to share pictures of him with the baby boy on social media.

In another news, there are claims that veteran actress Bimbo Akintola might have something to do with the crashed marriage. The exact role she might have played in the crash was not disclosed until on 7th September 2018, when she commented on Abounce’s Instagram picture as she claimed the young man is her property.

It also gathered in recent times that Yvonne Jegede took to her Instagram handle to give several hints about being a single mom and when people should walk away from situations. Below are her posts on Instagram:

One of the posts reads: “She fought so many battles this year codedly with her head held up high, But guess what, she is extremely proud of how she handled 2018. Here she is looking forward to the future. Happy New Year in advance.”

Another post reads: “I started this year by saying it will be my best year yet and truth be told it has been. Got to learn some life lessons the hard way, that changed my life for the best. I have become smarter, wiser, more conscious and more at alert. I made so many mistakes and so many corrections too. 2018 thank you for being so kind to me, I had my first child.

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered. 2019 is a year to correct mistakes, take back what we have lost and enjoy the fruit of our labor. Thank God the year didn’t see the end of us to the beginning of a blissful life. No procrastination in 2019. If it is an idea, work towards it immediately the littlest way you can. Happy new year.”

It was earlier reported that Nollywood actor Olakunle Fawole popularly known as Abounce got married to Yvonne Jegede on 4th February 2017. The marriage was attended by close friends and family. It was a private ceremony.

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