Sons of Patrick Biography and Life History

Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi and Igbo Stanford Onyemaizuchi were born on the 11th of August, 1998 in Owerri, Imo State to Mr and Mrs Patrick Igbo. They had their early education at the Logos International Nursery and Primary School and secondary at the Logos International Secondary School.


The twins started freelance writing and content creation for agencies in the year 2016, and eventually launched their first blog same year.

Stanford worked on some top Nigerian based news agencies while doubling as a blogger, and eventually quit to focus on their own. They have created and sold over 6 blogs and media websites, and co-founded Information Guide Africa, Business Tips Nigeria and a few other websites.

They have also published four books, and have had their works published on Huffington Post, Blasting News, Opera News and a good number of other websites.

Clifford is a graduate of Nutrition of Dietetics from the Imo State University, and Stanford is a graduate of Plant Science and Biotechnology from the same institution.

They debuted as actors in 2020, with Stanford starring in a July 2020 movie, and the both starring in the web series, The Quest.

Personal Life

Clifford and Stanford spend much of their time creating contents, and in an interview made available to the People of Owerri Magazine described themselves as core introverts.

They are not currently in any relationships.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Clifford and Stanford on:

Facebook – Sons of Patrick

Instagram @SonsOfPatrick

Twitter @SonsOfPatrick


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