How to Start a Tailoring Business and Become a Celebrity Designer

Many youth are unemployed in different parts of the world especially in Nigeria due to economic meltdown, inflation and corruption, so for this reason after spending 4, 5, 6, or even 7 years in the university and passing through the hard and tough times in school through queuing up on a hot sun to do clearance or pay school fees or submit assignment and also the frustration of forcing students to sort a particular course by lecturers and sexually harassment of female students by lecturers.

After suffering all this humiliation for 4, 5, 6 or even 7 years and then completing the one year mandatory NYSC, in which fresh Nigerian graduates are sent to local villages for a one year national service. After all these and coming out with a first class degree or 2nd class upper degree or a master degree or a PhD  and you still remain unemployed, frustrated and faced with poverty at the highest level. Honestly this is very frustrating and humiliating.

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So therefore, to unravel these mysteries, I have decided to compile a start-up business guide that will empower you to start up your own business. You can do this to empower yourself and that of your family and prove to the government that you can actually do without them.

This business I will be discussing today is called Tailoring, sometimes when some people hear of Tailoring they will start sighing and snuffing thinking that tailoring business ends with just been a local tailor in a particular shop, but to tell you the truth it is not what you are thinking or imaging. You sincerely need personal development; you need to develop your mindset, your thinking faculty and start thinking like an entrepreneur. The truth is that Tailoring has gone far beyond that, we have tailors who are earning N50million as income on a monthly basis and some are even earning up to $200,000 and above. This time around due to fashion, lifestyle, packaging and medieval/modern age we do not call it Tailor anymore, rather we call it Fashion Designers.

We have celebrity Designers like Yummy Casual; most of you know him to be the younger brother to Nigerian Famous comedian, AY. He started this business like a local Tailor in a particular shop but due to his creative and positive mindset, he has become an award winning fashion designer in Nigeria. He is specially book by Nigerian popular celebrities to sew their dresses for them; he is currently listed among the top Fashion Designers in Africa. He sews must for popular celebrities, politicians and successful business executives and entrepreneurs. They pay him whopping amount of money and he drives in different exotic cars and makes millions of Naira every day.

I struggle believe the success of Yummy Casual will motivate you to start your tailoring business today, if you can’t sew, then go for training. They are many skills acquisition centers that train people that want to take career in tailoring and fashion designing, and I advise you should Enroll on one of those centers and change your life for good.

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So the essence of this blog post is to motivate you to take out the golden opportunity and start your own tailoring business. Rather than sitting at home doing nothing or fleeing from one interview to another where they will frustrate your life and ask you some hopeless questions whereas the job you are searching for has already been given to another person, who is either a relation to the interviewer or manager even before your arrival.

Why not seize this golden opportunity to become an entrepreneur or a business owner, rather than wasting your precious time on irrelevant things that waste your creativity, talent and wallows your time away.

If you enjoy and excel at sewing dresses, you may dream of running a sewing business right from your home. You may be confused how to start a home sewing business or if it is the right decision for you. By taking the time to determine your ability to run a successful home sewing business and then thoughtfully setting up your own company, you can start earning money doing something you love right from the comfort of your home.

So below are the steps you should take to start a Tailoring Business and become a successful celebrity designer.

Determining Your Business Ability

Before you begin your sewing business, you need to access your business ability, look at possible things your business can offer, do you want to focus on Suite, Ankara, G sting or do you want to be versatile in all of them, it is your duty to choose what you really want. Taking an objective view of your skills can help you decide if starting a sewing business is the right option for you or not.

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An excellent way to assess your skills is to compare your work to other seamstresses in your area. Is your work comparable or better? You can’t expect your business to be successful if you can’t compete with others. Do you frequently have people asking you who sewed your clothing? If so, this might be a good sign that your skills are in demand, especially because word of mouth can be a powerful advertising tool.

Think about how a home sewing business will fit into your lifestyle 

Consider how having a home sewing business will fit into your lifestyle and even that of your family. Knowing whether or not the time, emotional, and physical demands of being a seamstress fit in with your lifestyle is important if you want to run a successful business.

Are you able to handle the physical demands? Sewing for money may mean you are sitting or hunched over a sewing machine for long hours. Think whether if being a seamstress with a home business fits your personality. Client management is a significant part of the job and if you don’t like working with people, this may not be the right choice for you. You will need to allot a specific space in your home for your business, especially if you are going to meet with clients. Are you willing to give up space in your home? You may also want to consider your location. If your home is in an isolated region, it may be difficult for potential clients to reach you.

Examine if a home sewing business meets your financial needs.

Seamstresses earn on average about $29,000 per year.

 This amount can change depending on how often and where you work. Only proceed with your plans if the average pay or below meets your financial needs.

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The average salary for seamstresses in general works out to $13.85 per hour, which is above the minimum wage. For home seamstresses, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics cites an average annual income of 23,430, or $11.26/ hour. An excellent way to gauge prices is by checking the prices of comparable services in your local area. You want to stay competitive with your prices while making sure you’re compensated fairly for your work. A mentor may be able to help you figure out fair prices for you and your clients. One aspect to consider when assessing your prices is how quickly you sew. If it takes you a longer time to sew or you are quick, you’ll want to adjust your prices based on your speed to help ensure you’re getting paid an amount commensurate to your skills and work. Remember that you will have to pay taxes and other fees for your business.

Check your current sewing equipment 

You’ll need to have a high-quality, heavy duty or industrial sewing machine to Withstand repeated use. You’ll also need a supply of fabrics, threads and needles. If you need to invest significantly in starting your home sewing business, it may not be the right decision for you. You will need a second sewing machine on hand in case your first needs repair. Remember that quality equipment is the core of your business and will allow you to garner income.

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You can start your own Tailor sewing business today, you may need to found a legal entity to legitimize your business. Starting your business as a Legal entity, including having a marketing strategy and billing structure, can help show potential clients that you are a serious business person.

If you have any questions, consult the Small Business Administration, which was set up to help smaller companies. Check with local authorities to ensure you have all of the correct licenses, certificates, and any insurance you need to start your business. The Small Business Administration can also help if you have any questions In some cases, you may not have to set up a legal entity for a home business. However, it may be advisable to establish a proper business to limit your potential personal liability if problems with your business arise. Make sure to register your business with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other tax authorities. You may want to hire a local accountant to help you navigate the financial side of your business, from registering with the IRS to budgeting.

Create your business plans; write out short and long term plans to guide your business. This is important to help develop your business and accommodate for any contingency such as an illness or a lawsuit. Be as detailed in your plan as possible. List owner and any employees’ responsibilities. Create a working list of services and prices that you can tailor to demand. Finally, make sure to calculate any costs you may have to take on for supplies and payroll.

You will need to have a designated space in your home to run your sewing Business. Set aside a room or rooms where you can do your work without interruption. You will need sufficient space to meet with clients, complete your sewing projects, and store your materials. Make the space warm and inviting to your clients. It should be clean and tidy. You will also want to make sure that potential clients have privacy to try on garments. If possible, set up a separate entrance to your sewing studio for your clients. Otherwise, you will have customers walking through your home, which will require you to have it tidy, clean, and presentable at all times.

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You should have listed your various sewing supplies in your business plan. Once you’ve established your, purchase any additional supplies you may need to get started. In addition to having a high-quality sewing machine and a backup machine, make sure you have sufficient thread, needles, and embroidery supplies. It’s also important to have a high-quality pair of scissors that will not damage fabric. If you have a computerized sewing machine, you may want to purchase additional software for making patterns.

You need to find a mentor for you and your business

You sincerely need to network your business so as to get great clients, build customer. Business seeks buyers and an experienced mentor understands either small businesses or the sewing business. She will help grow your business and guide you through difficult times or situations.

This person can offer invaluable advice on everything from pricing to dealing with difficult clients or continuing your education as a seamstress.

However, most seamstresses will offer different services such as repairing clothing, hemming, and sewing new garments. The more diversified your services, the more likely you are to be successful. If you decide to offer additional services, you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of different clothing trends and sewing methods. You can find this information by reading trade publications and fashion magazines. Even if you offer several different services, it’s a good idea to have a type of sewing on which you specialize to help attract clients. For example, maybe you work very well with delicate fabrics such as lace. Consider specializing in sewing wedding dresses. It’s important to not be too diversified. Offer several different services that you do well instead of dozens that you do marginally.

Set up a pricing structure

Set up pricing structure for your services. Knowing how much you want to charge in advance can make you appear more professional when you meet with potential clients. You may want to set base rates and tailor them according to how much work each individual job will cost. Looking at what other seamstresses or companies charge will give you a point of reference. Make sure your prices are commensurate with your experience and the location in which you’re offering sewing services. For example, sewing jobs in places such as Michigan won’t cost as much as Nevada.

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Once you know your price structure, install an invoicing and payment system. Consider the types of payment you will accept and how you will write receipts, which will help legitimize your business and make it easier to report income. Make sure to have a separate bank account for your business than you do for personal finances. Likewise, have separate credit lines for your business than you do for yourself.Make sure every aspect of your pricing and billing is transparent to clients and vendors. Maintaining fair business practices is vital to your success. Make sure to include a different types and styles of sewing jobs to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and budgets clients may have.

Set up a marketing strategy  

Ads are often the first impression potential clients have of you and you’ll want to consider different media to attract clients. Hooking your potential customers and keeping the message simple and concise can help attract a wide array client.

If you decide to design your own ads and website, research local businesses advertising to guide your design. You want your brand to be simple, distinctive, and attractive to your clients and potential customers. Design your ads to complement your brand. Use similar color and design schemes so that clients and potential customers associate these elements with you. Small businesses rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising. Build clientele through referrals and maintaining strong business relationships with your clients. Partner with other businesses to advertise your home sewing business.

You can work out a system where other local businesses display your business cards in their office in exchange for putting theirs in your home studio. Getting involved in community activities is a type of free marketing. Donating a service or making a contribution to a charity gets your name out in the public you want to serve. Guarantee the quality of your products and services.

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If you believe in them enough to guarantee satisfaction, potential clients may be more likely try out your business and current clients may be more likely to keep coming back. Clothing and other garments are a very trendy business. Staying abreast of current sewing methods and clothing trends can help your business succeed.

Always learn more about designing, sewing and tailoring conventions skill and network with other designers to help you stay current in your skills and styles. If you sew original pieces in your home, consider selling your products in different sales venues. There are options to sell your products at Festivals and online, which can help increase your profits.

Online venues for craft projects including sewing are one good place to get broader exposure for your sewing talents. Local craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and festivals may also provide an option for you to sell your products and increase your profits. These venues will also increase your exposure to potential clients in your area.

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Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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