Stop Killing Our Children – Imo Women Beg Buhari Govt

An appeal has gone out to the Imo State government and the Federal Government of Nigeria to step in urgently to stop the massive killing of youths in Imo State by the Nigerian security forces. The chairperson of Imo Women for Peace and Good Leadership Initiative, Ugochi Ugwuh made the appeal in a Press release personally signed by her and her director of operations, Ezinne Chinyere Okereafor and made available to media organizations.

In the Press release the group expressed serious concern over what it called the unending incessant killing of Imo youths by Nigerian security forces in a gruesome manner suggesting that no value is attached to human lives anymore. They worry that the government has even carried the battle to the hinterland.

Imo State, which was once regarded as the most peaceful state has suddenly turned into a killing field with the killing of police men, burning of police station, INEC offices by unknown gunmen as well as the mauling down of youths by soldiers and the incessant whisking away of young men who reportedly are not seen thereafter.
In her words, Ugochi Ugwuh stated; “we are shocked at the level of carnage with which lives of innocent youths are taken away in their prime denying parents and the nations their productive capacity. As mothers we are also emotionally tortured and killed seeing our children wasted in such manner as if their lives no longer matter.

“Things have gone so bad for so long as if no one is in charge, but we don’t want to believe that, rather we will accept the situation as one of the most trying moment in our national life. We do not subscribe to the fact that killing is the surest response to challenges because we also know that you cannot quench fire with fire. These killings must please stop because it is killing us slowly,” she stated.

The women also expressed shock over the silence of Imo stakeholders, wondering why the church, traditional institution, the labour union, town unions, professionals, and elites in the state have carried on as if all is well. They tasked the leadership of each group to rise up to the challenges to stop the increasing violence in the state.

According to the group; “It would be our joy if the authorities can roll back the soldiers and focus on the duty of protecting lives and properties and providing good governance,” the group stated. Ugochi Ugwuh further called on the youths to further refrain from whatever actions that is provoking the soldiers to go after them, advising them to remain law abiding.

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