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Ebibotel Enatimi Larry Arigidi also known as Super E is an upcoming musician. He was born in a very petty village where the women go to the river to fish so they can feed their children and support their husbands,  and the men taps palms (Raffia  palms) wines and manufactures what we call ogogoro (drink) and we speaks Ijaw language.

Full Name: Ebibotel Enatimi Larry Arigidi

Stagename: Super E

Date of Birthday: 08/01/1990

Current Age: 30

Hometown: Arogbo

State Of Origin: Ondo State

Place Of Birth: Imoi Arogbo, but grew up in benin *Edo State

country of origin: Nigeria

Awards: Face of Glamour Recognition Award 2017 Benin city and AIEA Next Rated Art of the year 2019* Ondo State.

Primary School: I attended Ighiwiyisi primary school Ogba  2002 and finished 2006 because I was promoted twice

Secondary School: I attended Iyekogba grammar school Ebo but later went to further my studies in Oba Evbare grammar school in 2009….but stopped also at Jss3 because of lack of funds

But before then I met a friend 2007 @Songsmithpro, we formed a crew named Superboiz but later splits and faced life, though I didn’t stop doing my thing as normal because deep down my heart I know the world must hear my voice….

To cut a long story short I met a golden heart indeed Nehikhare Imafidon CEO *NelEazyEnt on 20/06/2016 and we released my first single Alarm Go Blow produced by Songsmithpro on 24/12/2016 while I was under the NelEazyEnt without any contract attached, and some issues occur and after 3 years 01/03/2019 we released our second single Call On Me and lastly on 17/12/2019 we released Coast Don Clear which features the CEO Nehi.


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