Tacha Has Been Disqualified From BBNaija House After Fighting With Mercy

Big Brother Naija housemate Tacha has been disqualified from the reality show. The housemate was evicted over her previous fight with Mercy earlier this Friday, September 27, 2019. Mercy was also issued two strikes for provoking a fight with Tacha. Unfortunately, Big Brother has to disqualify Tacha from the Big Brother Naija house over the fight between Tacha and Mercy which happened earlier this Friday, September 27, 2019 after receiving two strikes previously for her misconduct and bad behavior in the house.

This Friday evening, the housemates were all called into the lounge, where Big Brother played the clip of the fight between Tacha and Mercy. Tacha was asked to stand up and she was sent packing after Big Brother recited the rules from the Big Brother Naija rule book. Tacha was told that she has been forgiven several times for fighting with fellow housemates, but that would not happen this time.

Mercy was also asked to stand up and she was issued two strikes by Big Brother for provoking a fight with Tacha. The housemate, who was in shock, immediately started crying. Tacha left the Big Brother House and her journey in the house ended.

However, Tacha and Mercy dirty fight in the Big Brother House on Friday has received a lot of reactions from fans. The fight was funny and similar to what could be obtainable in a wrestling ring. Their disagreement started when the Head of House Seyi called everyone to come together at the lounge so they can read their task for the day from Biggie’s scroll.

However, Mercy who just finished having her bath came out late for the reading. Tacha complained about Mercy lateness to the lounge and Mercy was upset about this and reign insults on Tacha who was quick to insult her back. This resulted in a heated exchange of words.

The argument later turned violent when Tacha pushed Mercy and also dragged her weave twice. Mercy struggled to control her anger and picked up a pressing iron to attack Tacha, but she was stopped by Omashola.

The dirty fight has attracted several reactions from fans and followers of the show with many wondering what will be the consequences of the fight.

@draliconpoint tweeted;

Wowww…I no know say the fight SERIOUS like this ooo, mercy and Tacha push themselves sha. Frodd Omashola and mike are CLOWNS by d way.

@nmesoma tweeted;

This is the content I subscribed for
Mercy and tacha #BBNaija In case you missed it. Mercy and Tacha fighting this morning #BBNaija #PepperDem

@miss gbemi tweeted;

Did u watch Seyi n Frood during the fight between Mercy and Tacha. Those two are a case n jst too funny. #BBNaija

@jaynaija tweeted;

Mercy asked Tacha if she is a celebrity. Maybe her fans can answer on her behalf #BBNajia Mercy and Tacha o..

@lamboNelly tweeted;

If they use games to evict our 2 Queens Mercy and Tacha will surely be evicted and it will be the end of BBNaija04 please behave yourself. I like both women but I just fell in love with Mercy. #BBNaija

@jwaxy jay tweeted;

It’s quite obvious Mercy and Tacha will be in the Top 2 and one of them is going to win. Biggie should not disqualify anyone but give them strikes instead. We need this typa energy until the final week. #BBNaija

@mizsexyles tweeted;

Biggie should serve us only mercy and tacha ,as their punishment…let’s vote to save our favorite I want to see something #bbnaija

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