Tension As Unknown Gunmen Invade & Attack Political Gathering In Enugu Saying No Election Will Hold In Biafra Land

A group of unknown gunmen stormed a political gathering in Enugu West, claiming that they will not allow any election to hold in Biafra land. According to the 4 minutes video, it was gathered that the unknown gunmen threatened to deal with anyone organizing a political rally in Biafra land.

The gunmen were seen shooting sporadically into the air, destroying cars, and motorbikes as those at the political event fled for their lives in the live video that went viral on Sunday.

A few guys who were unable to flee during the invasion were apprehended and forced to lie down in the mud.

They were attacked, molested, and harassed for fear of attempting to bring back Fulani to Enugu West. The gunmen said in different voices by saying;

“You have come to discuss party politics like you do every four years. Which political party is it?

“Don’t you enjoy the way we chased the Fulanis away? What is your motivation for bringing them back? You want to bring the crisis back to Enugu West. We have requested that you chase the people conducting political campaigns on our land. You have all come to campaign for a political party. You are the ones that are wreaking havoc on Enugu West,” the unknown gunman said.

“Kill me, ” one of the men answered when asked what penalty should they receive if they attempt to organize another political meeting. Another voice was heard saying; “On Biafra land, we have put an end to political campaign. We don’t want anyone to show up for any political campaign. There will be no election in this country anymore.”

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