Tension In Aso Rock As Our Mothers Resume EndSars Protest In Lagos

Tension in Aso Rock as our mothers resume EndSars protest in Lagos. #EndSARS protest resumes in Lagos as old women and others carry placards and protesting for a total abolishment of SARS operatives in Nigeria. According to our reliable source, it was gathered that old women and some young men brandished various placards in the area, defying the scorching heat to march for almost two hours in protest for the end of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), a police unit that is notoriously known for killing, kidnapping, extortion of money, brutality and harassment of citizens.

The EndSARS protest, which gripped the country for about two weeks in October, 2020 resumed in Lagos State on Thursday 3rd December 2020 with protesters marching by Tejuosho Road in the Yaba area of Lagos state. It was gathered by our reliable source that old women and some young men brandished various placards in the area, defying the scorching heat to march for almost two hours protesting and begging the government to end SARS and bad government. They continued to chant, “End SARS and we march for our children.”

A number of them were also seen carrying the Nigerian flag in their hands, with microphones to make their voices audible.

The EndSARS movement, mostly peaceful, had turned to a blood field on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 when the personnel of the Nigerian Army went to the Lekki Tollgate area and opened fire on the crowds and peaceful protesters killing over 50 people and injuring others.

The soldiers from the 65 Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Bonny Camp, Victoria Island, Lagos, reportedly killed and injured several demonstrators in Lagos during the peaceful protest on October 20, 2020.

A certain Lieutenant Colonel Bello Adamu, who was the Commanding Officer of the battalion, had reportedly led the soldiers to fire bullets at the scene. However, he claimed before the ongoing Lagos State Panel of Inquiry that he only fired blank ammunition into the air.

A day after the shootings, the Lagos State Governor Sanwo Olu had initially denied any loss of life from the gunfire or that he was aware of the deployment of soldiers. Later, he admitted that two persons were killed in the incident, while the army said in a terse statement that the state government requested a military clampdown on the protesters to enforce its earlier scheduled curfew.

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