The Parents of a Nigerian Student Missing in Ukraine Calls For Help

It has been days after a Nigerian student went missing in Ukraine after he was invited to a party on a yacht. The parents of the 21-year-old man have pleaded for help in getting information about their son’s whereabouts. The missing student identified as Obari-Mark Caleb who is a Nigerian citizen born in 1999 is a recent graduate of Sumy State Agrarian University Ukraine and has a residence permit in Ukraine.

It was reported that the missing student was invited by a woman to a party on a yacht on Thursday, 20th August 2020. It was also learnt that he attended the party in the company of his friends but didn’t return with them.

Volunteers of the search platform “911” revealed that Caleb disappeared during a walk. He was on the yacht of the private yacht club when he disappeared. However, in the Odessa region, the police are investigating the circumstances of the disappearance of the Nigerian citizen while on a yacht.

According to reports from EN24 News, Caleb was invited to the yacht by a woman who, according to eye witness, is the owner of one of the well known local clubs with an ambiguous reputation. The “911” platform has a photo of Caleb, in which he was in the club in the company of the aforementioned young woman.

Currently, criminal proceedings have been opened under Part 1 of Art 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. It has been reported that Caleb’s comrades independently hired two private divers who are exploring the Black Sea, where he could have drowned.

However, parents of Caleb have released a video, demanding answers. Caleb’s father appealed to Nigerian authorities to get involved and help him find his son as he has reached out to Ukraine to ask questions without getting any satisfactory answer.

Caleb’s mother said she believes someone is behind her son’s disappearance and she begged for help and prayers in uncovering the mystery. She asked how it is possible that he will go out with friends and they will come back without him and not have an answer as to what happened to him.


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