The Tallest Man in Nigeria Denies Marriage Rumour

Afeez Oladimeji, regarded as Nigeria’s tallest man, has debunked the claim that he got married during the week. Social media was awash with reports that Afeez Oladimeji, fondly known as Agoro, was married to a woman with whom he wore the same native attire in a photograph shared on the Internet. The duo posed for the camera and laughed heartily.

Popular social media commentator, Kayode Ogundamisi, on Friday shared the photograph via his Twitter handle, stating that the tallest man in Nigeria Agoro is getting married. Some of those who commented on the photo congratulated Oladimeji, while others doubted if such event took place.

Speaking on the rumor, the tallest man in Nigeria, Oladimeji said he wasn’t married, clarifying that the photograph was taken at an event he attended last Saturday. He said the woman with him in the photograph was a school proprietress who invited him to an event.

According to his word;

“I am yet married. My attention was drawn to the photo and I need to tell my fans that I am not married. The woman in the photograph with me is a school proprietor. She invited me to an event and the photograph was taken after the event.’’

Asked why he was yet unmarried, Oladimeji has this to say;

“God‘s time is the best. Let my fans know that it will happen next year. They should watch out and pray along with me for that day. But for now, all I will tell them is that I am not married. The photograph is not indicative that I got married at all. It is from an event like I told you earlier” he said.

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