This Boy Was Dead For 20 Minutes – What He Saw Will Blow Your Mind

This is a true story of a teenager named Zach Clements from Texas in the United States of America, who shared a deeply personal experience of how he died and saw Jesus and then came back to life. When he came back to life, he narrated the supernatural experience, describing what he saw and what he heard during those minutes without oxygen.

Before the supernatural encounter, Zach Clements was a strong teenager, a high school football player at Victory Life Academy in Brownwood Texas in the United States of America, and obviously he had got a sense of humor. By all measures, he was a healthy young man which was why it was still a shocking story to grasp hearing he collapsed on the playground while running during Physical and Health Education class in his school.

According to the doctors, it was a sudden cardiac arrest. The boy’s mother was called immediately he collapsed on the playing ground. When she arrived at the scene, she started beating the ambulance to the emergency room.

When they opened the ambulance door, Zack color was already turning to blue and they were on top of him doing chest compressions. Technically and medically, he was dead. He was without heartbeat for twenty minutes, and just as the hospital staffs were ready to make his death official, they got a pulse and he was airlifted.

He woke up days later and his recovery was very incredible, but even more mind- blowing was the story he told of, the things he saw during the time many believed he had died.

“I saw a man, he is kind of ruffled hair with a kind of thick beard and it didn’t take me long to realize that it was Jesus. The Angels were also singing in the background,” Zach Clement narrated.

His descriptions and the story was what his family is convinced was a near- death miracle. He continued;

“I went up to him when he put his hand on my shoulder and told me that everything will be all right and not to worry. I was just calm and just at peace,” Zach Clement revealed.

Billy Clement who is the boy’s father says; “accepting our son’s experience as a miracle is the only thing that makes sense and that’s what we are staying on. That was a writing word from God that we got and we are gonna hold on to that,” he stated.

The whole story may be a medical mystery for the doctors, many people also doubted the story, but for this family, there is no question. It was a divine intervention.

“I am just glad he decided to let me have my baby back,” says the boy’s mother.

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