Top 3 Sports That Consistently Offer Higher Odds

When punters open an online betting site, they are presented with a long list of sports on which they could potentially place a wager. While some sports like football, NFL, basketball and tennis are more popular with bettors, that doesn’t necessarily mean they offer the best odds.

But whether it’s betting on golf, darts or rugby that you are looking for, most punters are searching for the same thing. From a list of bookmakers, they will be scouring the sportsbooks for some high-odds selections. Before placing a bet, it’s worth checking does Bet9ja have a mobile app, which can provide convenience for betting on the go.

There are ways to go about this, but not all sports are priced evenly. High odds generally mean high risk as well, but it’s not quite as black and white as that. Here we recommend some of the best sports in which you can consistently find the highest odds.

Risk Assessment

The first assumption is that the higher odds found in sports betting naturally mean a higher risk. But this is relative. If you were to dip into a First Goalscorer market in a football match and take a 10/1 pick then it assumes massive improbability.

There are 20 outfield players at the start of a football match, and the opening goal could come from any of those. It’s also possible that a substitute could come on and net the first and perhaps only goal of the game.

A quote of 10/1 has an implied probability of 9.1%, the likelihood of the outcome happening. But translate a 10/1 shot over to a horse in a field of 7 for a race, then it doesn’t look quite as big of a risk. Always do thorough risk analysis and understand betting markets and odds.

Here are our Top 3 Sports for the highest sports betting odds:

Horse Racing

We will start this list of the best sports for the highest odds with horse racing. It’s a pretty good benchmark in this area. It’s not too unusual to see front-runners in a standard race coming in at around a 4/1 or 5/1 mark.

In contrast to picking a favourite to win a football match at around 1/1 then horse racing offers high odds. Naturally, this ties into more variables. Even in just a six-horse race, that is twice as many potential outcomes as there are in a football match. But still, with the high volume of stats linked to racing, skilled punters can trim the risk.


Golf has some of the highest mainstream odds around. A leading golf tournament from the PGA can have more than 100 players starting the event. While there is naturally a crop of leading contenders from say the world’s top ten ranked players, that’s still an enormous amount of variables. The large field size equals unpredictability. But as long as you stay away from Props markets, golf has a tremendous amount of high-odds sports betting options.


Keep away from the popular markets like the match winner and both teams to score and there are long odds to be found in football betting. A punter can dip into particular areas like score and player betting for these longer odds. Among the most popular of these are Correct Score, Anytime Goalscorer and First Goalscorer markets. Pre-tournament outright picks, like the FIFA World Cup winner, is another great area to look for high odds in football.

Looking At The Longer Prices

Just because there are high odds, doesn’t mean that you have to quite go all in on the option. The each-way bet for example in horse racing offers tremendous value when you start looking at picks with higher odds.

The each-way bet option, which will double the initial stake amount, gives the coverage of a horse finishing in the places (2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th). A payout at a percentage of the original odds will happen if the horse manages to place.

Another option to keep an eye out for when you are looking at sports that naturally have high odds is the Top X Finish markets. These great alternative markets, for a sacrifice of the original odds, give some leeway in the finishing position of the pick. In golf, for example, Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 bets are all popular options.

In Conclusion

There are ways to get longer odds on common markets. It could be extending a spread, teasing the handicap or totals line. An accumulator bet can create big odds from shorter-priced options combined, which can work for any sport from MMA to Tennis.

Another way to look for the best of the highest odds is to use a comparison tool. Once you have settled on a particular pick, use an odds comparison tool to look at different sportsbooks to find the highest of the highest odds that you can snap up.

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