Tension In Lagos As Igbo Business Men In Lagos Set To Relocate Their Businesses To South East

Just last week a group of top Igbo business men held meeting at Isolo Lagos, they all agree to relocate their businesses to South-East, for the development and prosperity for the region. One of the richest men in Nigeria Cosmas Maduka known as Coscharies motor, also agreed with them. Cosmas Maduka the chairman and CEO of Coscharies motor was listed by Forbes as one of the top 10 richest men in Nigeria.

Cosmas Maduka supported the move to relocate to the south east and develop the region. Cosmas Maduka stated that Igbos have great entrepreneurs who are doing well in businesses and if they all return to the south east and invest resources then the south east will become developed and be able to compete with western world. 

According to Cosmas Maduka, Igbos are known for business not only in Nigeria but the whole world. Igbos doesn’t play tribalism like other tribes in Nigeria. An Igbo man goes anywhere to live and do his business. People make proverb saying that, anywhere you go in this world and you did not find Igbo man you should run away.

Igbos are among the people that developed Lagos. The day I went to auto parts in trade fair in Lagos I respect Igbos for what they build over there. An Igbo man does not want to know whether he is in his father’s land or not, he builds any house he wants and develop the place. An Igbo man has the best building in Kano.

No wonder when they invited the late Chukwu Odumegwu Ojukwu, the founder of Biafra movement some years ago. When Ojukwu arrived in auto parts he looked at the buildings own by Igbos, he called them Ewu which means goat, he greeted them good morning in the evening time, tears came out from his eyes, he entered his jeep and went way, yet Igbos in Lagos don’t want to learn.

Late Odumegwu Ojukwu was heartbroken seeing the massive development in Lagos and yet they are zero development in the south east. The Igbos are the owners of most of the best hotels, houses and companies in Lagos. They also dominate all the major markets in Lagos.

Right now, the Igbos have finally realize how foolish they have been for decades and therefore decided to correct their mistake and relocate their businesses to the south east. According to Cosmas Maduka, the essence of relocating their business to the south east is to secure their investment in case they is a breakout in Nigeria.

He stated that Yorubas are the owner of Lagos and once Nigeria break out every development in Lagos will automatically be inherited by the Yorubas. So he urged other top Igbo business men to join him and relocate their businesses to the south east and develop their region.

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