Trouble For President Buhari Govt As The Nigerian Army Finally Confess

Tension in Aso Rock as President Buhari government is in trouble. The Nigerian army has finally confess concerning the massacre at Lekki tollgate on Tuesday 20 October 2020 when some peaceful Nigerian protesters were massacre and killed by some military officers. When the incident newly happened the Nigerian Army denies the accusation that some soldiers shot at Lekki protesters in the night around 7:00 PM when tollgate cameras and street light was switched off.

The Chief of Army staff made a live broadcast few hours after the incident happened and called all the reports concerning the Lekki tollgate massacre fake news. The army denied the reports and said it wasn’t the Nigerian army that shot on peaceful protesters at the Lekki tollgate and that it could be hoodlums who camouflaged as military men and executed the attack so that it will look like it is the Nigerian military that actually executed the attack.

The Nigerian Army denied deploying soldiers to attack #EndSARS protesters who assembled at the Lekki Toll Plaza. Following multiple reports of rounds of gunshots aimed at #EndSARS protesters last night at the toll gate, the Nigerian Army via its official Twitter handle posted series of screenshots of such reports and tagged them “FAKE NEWS”.

The protesters have been at the location for two weeks, shutting down the toll gate in a peaceful protest of police brutality, while demanding the scrapping of the notorious unit of the Police, Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), and a number of reforms in the Police Force.

Before the massacre Lagos State Government had issued a 24-hour curfew after violence broke out in several locations in the state, as hoodlums hijacked the protest to burn down police stations, assault innocent citizens and destroy properties. The state government then issued a 24 hour curfew to maintain peace and order in the state.

Even the Governor of Lagos State Sanwo Olu made a live broadcast denying having anything to do with the Lekki tollgate massacre. He went on and state that no causality was found during the Lekki tollgate shooting, while several eye witness have already exposed the live video of the incident detailing that more than 25 people were killed and over 200 people injured by gun bullets.

Immediately after the attack Bola Tinubu flew out of the country because he knew the youth will come after him, because he was a crime suspect. He flew to France and later relocated to UK where Nigerians in the Diaspora called him a thief and a murderer. After things became calm, he returned back to Nigeria and held a press conference where he denied having anything to do with the lekki tollgate massacre.

Unfortunately, his properties worth billions were destroyed by angry youth while he was hiding in the UK. Also an ATM machine was found inside his son mansion in Lagos. The funny part of all this scenario is that Fashola found a camera at the scene of lekki tollgate massacre few days ago, which prove that something is fishy.

After denying several reports and classifying them as fake news, the Nigerian army headquarter have finally confessed that the presidency actually sent down the military to stop the protest in Lekki Tollgate. They went further to state that the military were ordered to scare the protesters by releasing bulleting in the air, stating that since the state government has issued a 24 hour curfew it is the duty of the citizen to obey government order and stay indoor for peace and tranquility to reign since it was confirmed that hoodlums and thugs have hijacked the peaceful protest by destroying lives and properties.


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