True Crime Story Of IVD – He Watched His Wife Burnt Herself To Death

In this article we are going to be looking at the true crime story of IVD and his toxic relationship with his wife Bimbo whom he watched burnt herself to death. IVD whose real name is Ikechukwu Ogbonna started dating Bimbo when they were both teenagers as far back 1999. The both love each other very much then. IVD was a poor young man hustling in Lagos to makes ends meet while Bimbo was from a working class family. The love chemistry between the two was so strong to the extent that Bimbo had to quit school just to be with IVD.

She literary gave all her school fees to IVD to use to start up a business. They was also reports that claimed that she even went to witch doctors to perform some sacrifice so that IVD can be rich. Her family was not happy with the way she is throwing herself to IVD and locks her up in the house, but she managed to escape and ran off to stay with IVD. When her family tried to separate her from IVD and failed, they allowed her to do her wish. Unfortunately, Bimbo quit her education and ran off to stay with IVD and together both of them became husband and wife.

She bore five children for him, comprising of four girls and one boy. Fast followed to 2019, IVD became very rich and famous. He became the chairman of IVD Auto Mobile. He sells expensive cars and was able to buy a mansion in Lekki, Lagos. As money entered his head, he started misbehaving. He started fleeting with Lekki girls and started going to clubs and hanging out with top celebrities in Nigeria.

His wife Bimbo became a house wife and her job was to take care of the house and the children. Domestic violence started and IVD started treating his wife Bimbo like a rag. He beat her up in every slightest provocation, he literary turned her into a punching bag and Bimbo will always been seen with swollen face. In 2019, Bimbo took their marriage to social media, where she explained how her husband was beating her everyday as if she is not a human being.

She later concluded by saying that she is ending the marriage. But IVD pleaded with her not to leave him and that if she divorce him he will commit suicide and Bimbo out of the love she had for him forgave him so many times but he continued abusing her physically. As time goes by they started drifting away from each other and their love started fading away.

When Bimbo got to know that she is HIV Positive, she became very angry and suspected IVD of transferring her with the disease. That was the moment she became violent, she started behaving like a mad woman and started destroying things in the house. Ironically, she became the trouble maker and started beating her husband, abusing him physically and insulting him.

Sometimes she will post video where they physically assault each other and blood goosing from both partners and she will share the video on social media. People became interested in their family affair and the hatred the couple has for each other grew worst to the extent that IVD had to save Bimbo name on his Phone as Devil incarnate. They hated each other so much to the extent that IVD is even transferring the hatred to the children.

Family and friends pleaded with Bimbo to leave the toxic marriage but she refused, insisting that she literary built IVD to the millionaire he is right now, and that her sacrifice cannot go in vain just like that. But when the domestic violence became more intense, Bimbo decided to leave the marriage. She made up her mind to leave the marriage, but she vow that she will go with the properties. So when IVD went out for his business, Bimbo tried to break the safe where IVD hide their house documents. She tried but she couldn’t, so she sent for a wielder to break the safe where IVD hide the house documents.

As the wielder was trying to break the safe, IVD drove in immediately and stopped him from doing that, and then snatched the documents from Bimbo hands and a fight ensued. Bimbo broke IVD car wheel screen and brought out petrol in an attempt to burn down the house. She then pour the petrol on her body, and told IVD to give her the house documents otherwise she will light up herself, IVD ignored her and said if she wants to die, she should die. And Bimbo light herself up hoping that IVD will save her. Unfortunately, IVD watched her burn.

When the fire became intense and people came to know what was happening, Bimbo ran out of the fire and fell into the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the fire has burnt her without recognition. While IVD sustained minor injury, she was immediately rushed to the hospital and was rejected by 9 hospitals. The last one they went to admitted her but she died the next day being October 15, 2022.

Immediately Bimbo died, IVD went into hiding. He later resurfaces online where he changed his Instagram profile picture to that of his wife and children. He didn’t even show remorse as someone that just lost a wife, instead he started posting videos of how his wife was destroying their home and abusing him physically. He later deleted every post on his Instagram account and submitted himself to the police.

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