Uche Elendu Biography and Net Worth

Uche Elendu is a popular Nollywood actress, script writer, musician, television personality and a model. She is very beautiful, creative, funny and talented. She was born on 14th July 1986 in Aba, Abia State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She is currently 31 years old. She is the eldest and only daughter in the family of four children.

Her mother is a teacher while her father is both a businessman and a civil servant. After her primary and secondary school education, Uche Elendu proceeded to Imo State University in Owerri and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations.

In 2001, Uche Elendu joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) and acted in her first movie “Fear of the Unknown”. After her first movie, she went back to school to complete her education.

In 2004, after writing her final year exam, Uche Elendu graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Imo State University in Owerri. After her graduation from the university, Uche Elendu came back fully into Nollywood and acted in many blockbuster movies. She rose to fame after starring in the Nollywood blockbuster comedy movie “Ada Mbano”. The movie won her the award for Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards.

In 2012, Uche Elendu got married to Prince Oggo Walter in Owerri, the capital of Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The wedding ceremony was attended by many top Nollywood celebrities and very important personalities in Nigeria. The marriage is blessed with a baby girl named “Princess Zutty Walter”. Her husband Prince Oggo Walter is a car dealer and a billionaire businessman who allegedly both a Buggati car worth $1.3 million.

Uche Elendu has acted in over 200 Nollywood movies which include Give it Up, Twilight Sister, Family Man, Last Occult, Ada Mbano, etc. she is also a musician and has released three albums under her name. There has been a rumor in 2015 about problems in her marriage but she cleared the rumors during an interview with the media saying everything is still intact and that her marriage is going on smoothly.

Uche Elendu has won several movie awards which include Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards, Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the African Movie Academy Awards and Best Actress in a leading Role at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Uche Elendu is currently one of the richest and most influential actress in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $400,000.

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