Uche Mefor Attack IPOB Saying They Are The Greatest Killer Of Igbos

Uche Mefor the estranged deputy-leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has continued to slam the secessionist movement for gruesomely killing its own people. According to Uche Mefor via his official Facebook Page on Friday, lamented that IPOB detests human rights. Uche Mefor who said that IPOB may be guilty of crimes against humanity also faulted them for what he calls their lawlessness.

The systematic, extra-judicial killings in recent times between the IPOB and the Nigerian security forces are mind-boggling. It is called crime against humanity within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC). For the IPOB, they must know that the issue of justice is a two-way process for he who goes to equity must go with clean hands. Individual Criminal Liability is real in the pursuit of justice and accountability within the competence the court.

You cannot be claiming that the Nigerian state is killing our people but turn around to be beheading the same people you vowed publicly to protect and deceptively shift responsibilities when the chips are down and the consequences arise.

These are the killers of their own people, especially Igbo Biafrans. These killers are indeed daring, desperately presenting themselves as victims and saints but further demonize and victimize the already victimized victims of theirs. And guess what? The already traumatized society is shamelessly and vulnerable applauding and celebrating their heinous, abominable conducts.

Do you see how this demon is desperately lying and shifting the crimes against humanity committed in broad daylight by them to others? Nemesis has already started catching up with you all, for the spirit of the land is at work for sure.

The forces of heaven and earth and the spirit of the land is already against you and shall continue to work against you all are for the abomination you all have committed in our land until you completely confess and expose yourselves to the world.

The Fulanis is killing but you are the greatest killers of our people. You demons are cursed forever. You hate allegations leveled against you and you want it proven but you accused innocent people and even killed some without proof. What an irony!

You are not in democracy, you are in freedom fighting, you embark on lawlessness and apply jungle justice, extra-judicial killings on your victims, you hate human rights, denied your victims such but want due process in your cases?

You dangerous hypocrites! Know it that there is a way Mother Nature responds to those who treacherously conduct themselves towards her, for that Nature abhors vacuum and what goes up must surely come down.

What you are doing of late is criminality and not freedom fighting. Demonic liars!!! Uche Mefor blast IPOB.

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