US President Calls For Immediate Release Of President Bazoum Or US Military Will Invade Niger

US President Joe Biden has called for the immediate release of the detained President of Niger Republic, Mohamed Bazoum as well as the preservation of the nation’s democracy otherwise the US military will invade Niger Republic. Joe Biden released the statement on the 63rd anniversary of Niger’s independence from its former colonial ruler, warning that the West African nation is now “facing a grave challenge to its democracy.”

“In this critical moment, the United States stands with the people of Niger to honor our decades-long partnership rooted in shared democratic values and support for civilian-led governance. The Nigerien people have the right to choose their leaders. They have expressed their will through free and fair elections and that must be respected.”

“Defending fundamental democratic values, and standing up for constitutional order, justice and the right of peaceful assembly, are essential to the partnership between Niger and the United States. I call for President Bazoum and his family to be immediately released, and for the preservation of Niger’s hard-earned democracy.”

Recall that on 26th July 2023, a group of soldiers led by the commander of Niger’s presidential guard, Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani, placed President Bazoum and his family under house arrest in the capital of Niamey. After which they announced on Nigerien state television that they have “put an end to the regime” of President Bazoum due to the continuing degradation of the security situation, the bad economic and social governance.

The group, which calls itself the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Country, said all institutions have been suspended, aerial and land borders have been closed and a curfew has been imposed until the situation is stabilized.

“The defense and security forces are managing the situation. All external partners are asked not to interfere,” Gen. Tchiani said in the televised statement. However, the US president Joe Biden has warn them to release Niger President immediately and respect democracy otherwise they will be forced to use military intervention to restore peace and order in the country and bring back the country to its democratic rule.

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