How Couples And Lovers Are Killing Each Other Over Ordinary Cheating In Relationship

There is clearly a small line between love and hate because the patterns of the actions of a partner in love that has been betrayed can only be likened to that of insanity. How can you claim to love someone in one breath and murder them the next second when you discovered they cheated?

Do couples need to learn how to detach themselves so that when their fairytale love comes crashing they can learn to walk away? Love is not a do-or-die affair but for some couples, it is. That is why many lives have been lost due to domestic violence and physical abuse.

Just few weeks Ago, Jay Matol stabbed and cut off the finger of his girlfriend because she cheated on him. A soldier identified as Jay Matol reportedly raped, shot and stabbed his girlfriend, Jennifer Ugadu multiple times until she died.

After the alleged killing, it is claimed that he placed her dead body on the bed and locked her inside before running away with her phone. He also allegedly severed her thumb to use it in unlocking her phone. He was also reported to have logged into her department WhatsApp group to announce that he has killed her and plans to kill himself too.

According to him; “I don kill am… I will kill myself,” a message from Jennifer’s phone posted by Jay Matol in her department’s WhatsApp group.

Jennifer, a model and 200 level student of Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State, was reportedly found dead in her apartment with multiple stab injuries and bullet wounds on Sunday, 11th July 2021, days after she was killed. The state of the room reportedly showed there was a struggle before she was killed.

Jennifer and Jay are said to have been dating for five years before the sad incident. Jay Matol last Facebook post is a photo of Jennifer. She is also his cover photo. Friends have gone on Facebook to mourn Jennifer while hoping that justice is served.

Another case was that of Tshepo Rakoma who was shot dead by her boyfriend because she broke up with him. A 32-year-old lady identified as Tshepo Rakoma was shot dead by her partner of eight years and the father of her three children in Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa after she ended their relationship.

The bank employee was sprayed with bullets in the parking lot of a shopping center while sitting in her car with a man during her lunch break. The suspect, Kibi Josias Lebogo, who is currently 34 years old, was arrested at the scene on charges of murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm. This was after he climbed on top of the roof of the parking lot and threatened to commit suicide.

The families of the deceased have blamed themselves for her death, saying they ignored her warnings and pleas for help. The family said before Tshepo was murdered she pleaded for their intervention. She warned that the father of her three children was baying for her blood over her decision to end the relationship and told them that the suspect was stalking her.

According to the family, the accused stalking tendencies began when Rakoma left him because of his violent nature. They said she told them that the suspect had turned against her after they started experiencing financial difficulties, which forced them to move back into a room in her mother’s house, in Seshego.

The couple had been living together for eight years and had three children, the family said. Things went from bad to worse after the suspect failed to keep up with the monthly repayments on his taxi due to Covid-19-related restrictions on load capacity.

“Tshepo warned us less than a day before that animal would kill her,” Lephalala said. It is alleged that Rakoma had locked herself in the car when the suspect shot her five times, including in the head. The young mother’s bullet-riddled body was found in the driver’s seat of her car.

Another case was that of Matilda who poisoned her husband because she saw a woman’s photo on his phone. A lady identified as Matilda allegedly killed her husband, a businessman identified as Emem Etim Marley in their residence in Ajah, Lagos. According to reports, Matilda found another woman’s picture on her husband’s phone and suspected him of infidelity so she allegedly connived with her sister to poison him on Sunday, 1st August 2021.

The couple was said to have been married for just 8 months. A source revealed that neighbors heard the husband screaming for help and at the time, only to discover that his wife and her sister locked him in. The neighbors forced the door open but it was too late, he was dead.

According to the words of an eye witness; “The neighbors were knocking profusely on their door after hearing Emem scream for help. Matilda and her sister had locked him up and absconded to their father’s house. The door was forced open and the neighbors found the victim lying dead on the floor.

It’s sad that this happened because they got married 8-months ago and there’s nothing Emem hasn’t done for his wife to make her happy. He recently bought her a car and opened a store for her business.

According to a relative, Matilda had sold the victim’s cars and hidden his land documents before she committed the crime. At the police station, she claims that her husband drank a poisonous substance of his own volition,” the source stated.

Another case was that of Mr. Happyman who killed his girlfriend and buried her in a bush because she was texting another man. A man identified as Mr. Happyman has allegedly murdered his girlfriend, named Orie Everusi because she texted another man.

Orie has been missing for four days and according to reports, the deceased had left her home on Sunday, 17th January 2021, to visit a friend but never returned. Her family filed a complaint at the police station and an investigation was launched.

The boyfriend, who is an Okada rider, was discovered to be the prime suspect and was caught attempting to take his own life, by drinking a poisonous substance. He was rushed to the hospital by his neighbors who saw him and raised an alarm.

After gaining consciousness, he was interrogated and confessed that he killed his girlfriend because she was texting another man on her phone. He took police officers to Unoghovo bush where he deposited her remains. So the question I want to throw on you guys is; how can one claim to love someone in one breath and murder them the next second when they discovered they cheated?

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