Wahala As Mother Kills Her Own 6-Year-Old Son – Her Reason Will Shock You

Wahala as a mother killed her own 6-year-old son and you will be surprise at what her reasons is. As predicted by the Holy Scripture, there will be so many weird and strange things happening in the last days before the world will surely come to an end. And it seems like most of these things are surely happening today as I speak to you right now, according to the scripture, men will rise against women, women will rise against men, children will rise against mothers and also mothers will rise against children.

This statement has already been fulfilled after a woman has been alleged of killing her own child just because of a little offence he committed. In a town called Rusape in Zimbabwe, the breath of a young boy by the name Knowledge Chedondo who is just 6 years old was seized after his biological mother named Definite Mudevairi striked him to death for soiling himself.

According to the Manicaland police spokesperson inspector Luxon Chanada, the mother carried the lifeless body of the little boy to her mother- in- law’s house which led to her arrest. On the 10th of August this year just around 8AM, the little boy was playing in a soil where all his body was filled with dirt, the mother in anger took a stick and started abusing him brutally, right from there, the child felt totally sick and the mother tried looking for help at a nearby clinic, but so unfortunately, the child passed away on the way.

After taking Chedondo (now deceased) to the house of her in- laws, they discovered wounds on his body which seemed so strange to them, they asked her why the child is not breathing and at the same time having these wounds on his body, the suspected mother was left speechless and didn’t want to spit out the truth, this prompted them to call the police, she was arrested immediately and taken to the Police station where she made the confession.

She is currently in the backyard of the police waiting to be taken to court for the law to deal with her. The dead body of the boy is currently in the mortuary whiles the family is arranging his funeral.

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