Wahala In Naija As Fulani Herdsmen Killed A Footballer In Benin

Suspected Fulani herdsmen allegedly attacked and killed a young man identified as Terwase in Gwer-West Local Government Area of Benue State. According to reports from our reliable source, the late Terwase, a talented footballer, who also worked as a commercial motorcyclist in Makurdi, Benue State was stabbed to death by the Fulani herdsmen on his way to a fish market in Apochi village in Benue State.

A friend of the deceased name Udam Samuel Aseer, who confirmed the incident, said the Fulani herdsmen pierced his stomach with a knife and also shot and killed a man who came to his rescue.

According to Udam Samuel Aseer words;

“With a deep sense of sorrows over the untimely death of my friend and neighbour, Mr Terwase, I pray God Almighty to grant him eternal rest. Information reaching me has it that some unknown Fulani herdsmen attacked my neighbour and friend named Mr Terwase popularly known as Google. He is a commercial motorcyclist (an Okada-man) and also a talented footballer. He was assassinated on his way to a fish market close to Apochi village in Injaha community of Idoma land in Gwer-West Local Government Area of Benue state.

The Fulani herdsmen used a knife to pierce on his stomach, and the Idoma man, one Mr Peter Ajeibi (also known as Short man) of new Nigeria area who came to his rescue was gun down to death immediately by the Fulani herdsmen. He was shot to death because he tried to protect Mr Terwase from the hands of the bandits.

Thereafter, my friend Terwase also known as Mr Google was urgently taken to a private hospital in Naka, where he received treatment and died after some hours. The doctors tried their best to save him but the damage that Fulani herdsmen inflicted on him was too much and he died a painful death.

The news of your death made me to recall my last conversation with you, in the conversation, you told me that some unknown hoodlums attacked and collected your new Honda motorcycle along Naka-Taraku-Otukpo road in recent time and you borrowed another motorcycle from a friend to look for food for yourself and your family. Sorrowfully, I told you that the devil is working around you but our prayers will shame the devil as God Almighty is the supreme controller general of the universe. But unfortunately, you just left us on earth in tears.

Oh Lord save us from continuous Fulani herdsmen attacks in Gwer-West Local Government Area and Benue state at large and grant him eternal rest. My good friend Terwase, we miss you so much, you died a painful death while trying to provide food for your family. The Google master as I usually called you. Rest in a perfect peace Brother!” Udam Samuel Aseer stated.

Fulani herdsmen have been perpetrating a lot of atrocities in Nigeria. They are literally in every part of the country causing havoc for Nigerians. They started their terrorism and criminal act in the northern part of Nigeria and later spread to various part of the country. In the south western part of Nigeria Fulani Herdsmen are terrorizing the people, in the south eastern part of Nigeria Fulani herdsmen are terrorizing the people, in the south-southern part of Nigeria Fulani herdsmen are terrorizing the people, in the northern part of Nigeria Fulani herdsmen are terrorizing the people.

The Fulani herdsmen has been described as the worst terrorist group and deadly bandits that has caused so many deaths and destructions of properties in the country. The worst part of it is that they are perpetrating this evil without the government doing anything about it. Could it be that they are been sponsored by our so call leaders. May God help this country and innocent citizens from the hands of Fulani herdsmen.

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