We Have Defeated Terrorism In Nigeria – Defence Headquarters Declared

The Defence Headquarters in Abuja has declared that the Nigerian armed forces have defeated Boko Haram terrorists’ operations in the north-east. This is coming as some parts of the north eastern region still come under attack with the terrorists targeting military bases and leaving heavy casualties.

One of the most recent violent attacks by Boko Haram was at Zabarmari in Jere local government area of Borno state where more than 40 farmers were killed.

But speaking during an interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Monday, John Enenche, spokesman for the Defence Headquarters, said the federal government and the military since 2015 had checked the intensity of terrorist activities across the country particularly in the north-east. He said the initial delay in tackling the menace made it gain momentum.

He said the open display of power and authority by Boko Haram no longer happens in the north east, and that no single district or community could be said to be under the control of the insurgents.

According to his words; “The issue of bombings that even spread to other places like Abuja, Kano, Niger and Kogi States, including their slipper cells no longer exist,” he said.

“What about suicide bombing, which is one of the signs of terrorism? It was rife and even at our checkpoints they come and detonate bombs as well as public gatherings; all these have been nipped properly. If you put all these together, I can tell you that terrorism has been defeated. However, the signs are still there with isolated action here and there; common with terrorism.”

John Enenche stated that the history has shown that terrorism is a very resilient type of enemy activity, adding that the type of terrorism in Nigeria is not a smart one but rooted in the state of mind of a group of people. He asked Nigerians to be bold in coming out to provide information on activities of the insurgents to aid security agencies in tracking their locations.

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