We Made $10k On Our Prank Videos That Many Carried On Their Heads – Judy Austin Mock Haters

Nollywood actress Judy Austin has made fun of those who believe her marriage with Yul Edochie is about to collapse. She and Yul Edochie have been posting disturbing videos about their marital difficulties on their Instagram page for a few days. Judy Austin responded to critics in a message on her Facebook page, revealing that all of the disturbing videos on Instagram and Facebook were pranks and that she and her husband were profiting handsomely from them.

The actress, who is married to Yul Edochie and has two children, revealed that they earned over $10,000 from some of their videos. According to her post; “People thought I have issues with my husband Yul Edochie. Well, we just made over $10k from our prank videos while some carried it for head. Congratulations to us”.

In one of their prank video, Yul Edochie is locked outside their house at night by Judy Austin, as a punishment for tarnishing her image on social media. The two movie actors have been creating a stir online with a number of videos that show them arguing with one another.

A recent Facebook video showed Judy Austin locking out her husband Yul Edochie because he frequently arrived home late. Yul Edochie, who was standing on the opposite side of the barred fence, was being questioned by her as he watched.

She claimed that she had chosen to keep him out because she believes he is free to return home whenever he pleases and asserts that she has no right to probe his whereabouts.

Many people thought it was real life and commented thinking that Judy Austin and Yul Edochie where have marital issues, but it turn out their where only doing prank videos trying to profit from the controversial scene that they have already created.

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