What skin care routine celebrities follow to prevent signs of aging?

It is in the nature of humans that he wants to look younger and remain active even in their mid years. Celebrities belonging to either Hollywood or bollywood take a skin care regime and treatment to look beautiful and younger. Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, and Charlize Theron look so young even though they are above 40. So what are their anti-aging secrets? In this post we will look at a few points on how celebrities take care of themselves.

– Skin care professional

They regularly visit their dermatologist for any skin and hair issue. For a daily skin care regime they also consult a doctor. They use high end products for controlling their signs of aging. Wrinkles, hyper pigmentation or dark circles are signs of aging and these can be improved with help of medication. Taking care of skin is the most important step in looking younger. Their real age can be found if their birthdays are known by using Age Gap Calculator which is an age difference calculator. You can also compare age of two celebrities by putting their age in Age Gap Calculator provided by calculatored.com

– Follow CTM routine

The CTM routine includes cleanse, tone and moisturize is a routine that must be followed by everyone for healthy and glowing skincare. You can add additional steps in skin care like adding serum ,scrubbing etc. By following good skin care the necessity of wearing makeup is decreased. Your natural beauty shows off without makeup. Full time morning and night care skin regime is followed by celebrities to look youthful and juvenile. The real age of celebrities can be found using the Age Gap Calculator.

– Exfoliation

A gentle exfoliation removes the dead skin and natural glowing skin appears. A healthy and glowing skin is a sign of young skin. Exfoliation should be a part of weekly skin care. It should be done 2-3 times a week after cleansing and toning step. A mild gentle scrub will remove dead skin and won’t harm your skin.

Celebrities have to be ready for cameras 24/7 facing so they understand the importance of gentle exfoliation otherwise hard scrub will cause redness and irritation.

– Take care of sleeping

Jennifer Lopez, the most famous age-defiers in Hollywood at the moment claims to be her top secret for beauty. An eight hour of sleep at night is enough. Your blood flow increases to your skin when you sleep. It reduces the dark circles and repairs your skin naturally at night. Secret to looking young is proper sleep, drinking lots of water and following skin care and eating healthy.

– Exercising

Sweating is not only good for your figure but it also boosts a glow to your skin. If you workout daily it is detoxifying for your skin. Many options are there for burning fats like brisk walking, doing cardio activity, playing a sport ,lifting weight and doing yoga. Exercising not only keeps your body healthy but produces a youthful glow on skin and antiaging. Age Gap Calculator can be used to find the real age of a celebrity by putting their birthday and today’s date powered by calculatored.

– Enjoy Life

Happiness is one of the secrets to anti-aging. Celebrities love to enjoy mansions, vacations and shopping. Even little happiness can be found by socializing , eating your favorite food ,cooking , and enjoying hobbies.


In short, to look younger and healthy like celebrities follow their steps. A proper skin care regime according to your skin type recommended by a doctor should be followed. Along with skin care a healthy diet is important. Exercising is yet another important factor in anti aging which produces happy hormones, makes your skin glow and don’t forget to enjoy your life.

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