Yahoo Boy On The Run After Allegedly Using Amarachi Iwunze For Money Ritual In Imo State

Tragedy struck in Agbaghara Nsu Community in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo state as a suspected ‘Yahoo Boy’ identified as Ifeanyi Osuji allegedly murdered a young girl by the name Amarachi Iwunze from Umuezeala Nsu autonomous Community in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo state for money ritual purposes.

According to information from our reliable source, the suspect who is popularly known as a Yahoo Boy killed the girl with the help of the girl’s cousin Uche Iwunze who is a Yahoo apprentice to the suspect.

According to the Deputy President General of Umuezeala Nsu autonomous community, Mr Okechukwu Oguowere , Uche Iwunze took her cousin sister Amarachi to his master’s house at Agbaghara Nsu and she was allegedly drugged by Osuji while the cousin was outside holding Amarachi’s phone as well as picking her calls and monitoring the movement of people, until his master finished his ritual.

It was further gathered that problem started when they wanted to dispose her body, but could not, because of presence of people outside, hence her body was taken to a generator room as a cover up and claimed that she was killed by generator fume.

Meanwhile, the suspect reportedly took flight and ran away after committing the crime. However, the cousin of the deceased Uche Iwunze who betrayed her has been arrested and handed over to the police, as the youths of Umuezeala Nsu autonomous Community went on rampage destroyed and burnt down Osuji’s house at his community Agbaghara Nsu.

According to the words of an eye witness; “Uche Iwunze is the son to the brother of Amarachi’s Father’s and that is why they bore the same surname. He took Amarachi to his Oga at Agbaghara Nsu. I was told Uche Iwunze is an apprentice to Ifeanyi Osuji (he is learning how to do Yahoo Yahoo business).

They went with an okada man and on getting to Ifeanyi Osuji’s house, Amarachi was inside while Uche was outside holding Amarachi’s phone and picking her calls. The Yahoo boy drugged and used her for ritual and they had the problem of disposing her body, because a security office got the hint and was outside monitoring their activities, they resorted to dumping her body inside the generator room and claimed she died as a result of suffocation from generator fume.

”The cousin has been arrested and handed over to the police while the main culprit is at large. However, the police has place the suspect in a wanted list and he will soon be hunted down, arrested and prosecuted,“ the eye witness concluded.

The same suspected internet fraudster, Ifeanyi Osuji from Agbaghara Nsu Community in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo state has been accused of allegedly raping a young girl to death. The victim (identity withheld) also hails from the same community with the suspect.

The Guardian newspaper report that the incident occurred after the suspect invited the victim over to his house on Saturday. According to sources, the deceased was reportedly drugged by the suspect, who then sexually abused her. In the process, the victim started convulsing and later died early Sunday morning in Ifeanyi Osuji house.

Immediately, the news got out, some youths of the community went on a rampage, setting Ifeanyi Osuji house ablaze and destroying his belongings. The suspect reportedly fled before the arrival of the angry youths. Spokesperson for Imo State Police Command, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Michael Abattam, who confirmed the incident to The Guardian newspaper yesterday, said the Command had begun an investigation into the matter and has intensified a manhunt for the fleeing suspect.

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