You Can’t Be Shaking And Want To Rule A Country That Is Shaking – Dino Melaye Mock Tinubu

Former Nigerian Senator and PDP presidential aspirant, who goes by the name Dino Melaye, has said that APCs presidential candidate Bola Tinubu cannot be the right choice to become the next President of Nigeria. Dino Melaye said this in a recent video on Instagram, and he said that Tinubu is having some health issues, and so he isn’t fit enough to preside as the president of a country that is shaking as well.

According to Dino Melaye, the country is already facing enough problems, and he also said that Nigeria will be in trouble if it is not saved in the forthcoming general election. After saying all these, Dino Melaye concluded by saying that Atiku is the right person to become Nigeria president, as he believes that Atiku will transform the country if he becomes president.

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