Yul Edochie Call Nigerians Hypocrisy For Celebrating People Only When They Are Dead

Nollywood actor and film producer, Yul Edochie has expressed his anger towards both Nollywood celebrities and the general Nigerian public for what he perceives as their hypocrisy. In the aftermath of Mohbad’s death , the actor pointed out how many individuals have been seeking attention and publicity by using the singer’s name, despite the fact that they have treated him poorly.

He went on to say that the same type of bullying and mistreatment that Mohbad experienced is similar to what many of his fellow actors and online critics have subjected him to, without taking the time to understand his side of the story.

Yul Edochie described these individuals as being like demons and cruel people, emphasizing that the online trolls and his colleagues are no different from those who maltreated Mohbad.

According to his words; “All of una wey dey post Justice for Mohbad, plus the Nollywood people wey join una dey shout am, you are not different from the people that were maltreating Mohbad. You are all demons and wicked people, simply chasing clout.
You are all the same people who have been insulting me for over one year, bullying me on the internet, trying so hard to kill me for mater wey no concern una. Simply because I took a personal decision for my life that is not your business.

How many of you fought for Mohbad when he was alive?
Now that he is dead you are using him to draw traffic to your page. Useless people. For over one year, bloggers have been telling all sorts of lies against me. Everybody turned to blogger for my case. Spreading false stories about me on Facebook just to make money.

Telling lies just to destroy my name. On top of matters wey una know nothing about. Just because men don’t talk. None of you know what I see in my home, that inspired my decision. Idiots.

What they did to Mohbad is what they have been doing to me on the internet for over one year. How many Nollywood people have come out to say “Enough”? You are all waiting for me to die so you can post my picture and write your nonsense ‘Justice for…’
Na thunder go fire all of una.

I lost my son. In the midst of unbearable pain, Dem say na me kill my son. How many of una come out to fight for justice? Even my own Aunty has not called me on the phone for one day to ask me what happened. Instead she dey use me draw traffic for her page.

On top of matter wey no concern una. On top of matter wey una no know as e take start or wetin dey happen inside house. Because a man would rather keep quiet and protect the image of his wife than spill unnecessary information.

The bullying, insults, curses, etc. I have received on the internet for over one year is enough to kill or drive a person to depression. But una no fit kill me. God made my head strong. 100 million of you demons no reach me. Whatever evil you wish me will follow you a thousand times. Witches and wizards,” Yul Edochie stated on his verified Instagram page.

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